Our Services

At Resi you will have the peace of mind that your property is being managed properly.

Repairs & maintenance

With our extensive network of tradespeople, we can easily obtain quotes and coordinate repairs or maintenance of your building and common areas. Even if there is an emergency at midnight, we have a 24 hour hotline to make sure you’re being looked after at all times.

Compliance and finance

We know the legislation so you don’t have to. We don’t just manage your bank accounts and finances but we actually understand the financial information and can provide analysis to suggest sustainable budgets to owners.


We provide owners with peace of mind that their buildings and common areas are insured, and we only place policies with gold-standard insurance companies. We can help you lodge your claim when you need our help the most.


We know what great communities look like, and we can help you avoid any frustrations by providing our expertise during the planning process. From registration of the subdivision to organizing a Welcome Day at settlement, we can help you create a better space to maximise your sales as well as improving the living experience for occupants.