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We aren’t your average body corporate management company. We’re a company built around a community of genuine, like-minded professionals with one goal – to deliver the best results for our clients.

We understand that we’re often the first point of contact for all types of concerns and issues. We have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction even if it isn’t strictly in relation to the body corporate at the townhouse estate.

Get to know some of our our key team members below.

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Alex Mirt headshot

managing director

Alex Mirt

Alex has a background in corporate finance before finding his calling in the body corporate management industry. Owning a unit in a body corporate himself, Alex knew that he wanted to create Resi with a single purpose in mind – to build a team that didn’t make excuses, doesn’t try to blame anyone else and can deliver on promises to our clients.

His vision is that Resi is an industry leader, not a follower. The industry traditionally was viewed to not be client-friendly, so features such as monthly contracts and all inclusive management fees are part of the Resi DNA. Importantly, he knows that client selection allows Resi to maintain a positive internal company culture where strata managers work for owners and not the opposite.

As a passionate amateur skier, Alex’s dream holiday is anywhere with fresh powder. He has skied everywhere from the Alps, Whistler, Japan and New Zealand, and it’s his goal to hit the slopes every year to further hone his skills.

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Kiana Shacklock headshot

Team leader

Kiana Shacklock

Starting as an associate property manager at 18, her hard work and dedication has led Kiana to start at Resi as a body corporate manager then develop into becoming a team leader in 2023. She has a technical understanding of the legislation, but more importantly she can apply it to resolve actual problems and issues that may plague owners corporations.

As a team leader, she enjoys supporting new team members develop their understanding of body corporate management. With her curious mindset, Kiana knows that each team member is a unique individual and she works to understand what she needs to do to bring out their best qualities.

Resi’s resident ‘foodie’, her dream holiday destination is anywhere warm and sunny with a reputation for good food. Top of the list is Greece and their mixed gyros, but Kiana also won’t say no to some tapas a short trip away in Spain.

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Elise Pedler headshot

body corporate manager

Elise Pedler

Elise has worked in the real estate industry since 2018 and possesses a strong understanding and foundation which has allowed her to be an exceptional body corporate manager. Her cheerful and friendly disposition means that she can quickly build rapport with clients, and turn her focus and attention to directly addressing their needs and concerns.

With the belief that a long-term approach is critical to maintaining and improving the value of properties, Elise uses her strong communication skills to demonstrate that good financial management is in the owners’ best interests. She values honesty and professionalism, and isn’t afraid to have the difficult conversations to deliver results for her clients and ultimately resolve long-standing issues at the property.

Always on the go, Elise’s dream holiday destination involves a change of pace. The sounds of the morning bird calls and smells of the lush rainforests at the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands instantly transport her to a place of calm and relaxation.

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Stephanie Chan headshot

Business development manager

Stephanie Chan

One of Steph’s greatest strengths is her ability to listen to owners when they’re discussing their concerns about the property. Understanding their frustrations and difficulties faced with their current strata manager ensures that Resi can tailor the service to best suit their needs.

The insurance premium can often constitute up to 50% of a strata budget (for townhouses and units), so Steph hears a lot of questions from owners about insurance. She uses her knowledge gained from 4 years of previously working in insurance industry to educate owners about the current insurance climate and how it affects their body corporate fees.

Even though she grew up in the city, Steph has dreams of living on a farm one day. Accordingly, her dream holiday destination is a Airbnb located on a farm, where she can watch her 1 year old daughter explore and learn about all the different animals.

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Ligia Cozma headshot


Ligia Cozma

Ligia’s strong attention to detail makes her an integral part of the Resi team, along with her experience and background in administration, bookkeeping and accounting. She has a Diploma in Accounting and is registered as a BAS Agent.

She prides herself on her reliability and trustworthiness, and truly embodies the Resi values of accountability and doing what we say we’re going to do. With many years of experience with a multitude of accounting systems and software, she is always seeking opportunities to improve Resi’s processes and procedures so the team can focus on providing a stellar service to our clients.

A (non-alcoholic) cocktail in one hand, a classic personal development book in the other, you’ll find Ligia enjoying life beside the swimming pool at a luxury hotel when she’s not reviewing financial statements and invoices.

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It’s important to have a good body corporate manager appointed at your townhouse estate to make sure that the common areas are being well-maintained. It helps to avoid any potential problems when you are either looking to sell or looking for new tenants.

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With only month-to-month contracts, you will find that our body corporate managers are continuously delivering on promises and improving the value of your townhouse estate.

Here are just a few of our best success stories. If you’re interested in how we can help improve your property get in touch with us today.

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Alex was incredibly helpful in our transition away from our previous manager. Their level of service was outstanding and highly responsive. Our only regret is not changing to Resi sooner!


BIG thank you to the team at Resi Body Corporate. The effective communication and efficiency in handling matters have been well appreciated. I have no hesitations in recommending Resi to my friends and family.


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