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Embedded Networks In Townhouse Body Corporate

open review of contracts originally signed by developers

Easy Price Comparisons For Embedded Networks

For years, owners had been trying to find out information about their existing embedded network. Specifically, they were trying to understand how to get out of the embedded network agreement, or at least their options to approach different retailers. The previous manager continuously dismissed their questions and concerns.

We arranged for a consultant to review the embedded network agreement and provide price comparisons with other embedded network providers. At the annual general meeting we presented all options to owners on how to change embedded network providers or dismantle the network. After providing the pricing for each option, we were able to have an educated conversation with owners about the benefits of each option.

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Body corporate townhouse estate with driveway and common garden areas

Waste Management Services For Townhouse developments

Presenting Options To Change To Council Bin Collection & Saving Over $16,000+ In Expenses

Owners were also frustrated by the lack of proactiveness from the previous management company when it came to the waste management of the estate. The previous manager didn’t explain that a private collection company was required by the local council as part of the waste management plan when the estate was being developed.

We liaised with the local council to arrange an inspection of the estate to determine whether the bins could be collected by the council trucks. At the annual general meeting we also provided quotes and discussed options to formally request for council to collect the bins.


Can't thank Resi enough for bringing in the needed changes to our townhouse estate. We have a very switched on manager who is always ready to help. Great team - won't hesitate to recommend to anyone who is considering changing managers.


Common garden areas of townhouse body corporate in Victoria