Body Corporate Managers Providing Solutions, Not Excuses

Find out how we’ve helped over 1,848+ townhouse owners appoint a manager who actually cares about helping owners and increasing the value of their property

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99% Of Owners Stay After Changing To Resi

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5 Star Google Rating From 49+ Genuine Customer Reviews

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We've Saved Owners $104,782 In Body Corporate Expenses

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Managing Clients In Over 57+ Suburbs Across Melbourne


The Best Choice For Townhouses Without The Headaches

We do one thing, and one thing only: managing townhouse body corporates in Melbourne. Every part of Resi Body Corporate is focused around townhouses, and delivering results and outcomes for owners.

Find out what makes Resi stand out from the rest.

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We Make Changing Easy

By helping over 1,848 owners change strata managers, we can comfortably say that we’re the experts in helping you change managers. We know the process well enough and want to make the changing process as easy as possible for you.

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Helping You Get Out Of Contracts

We’re the only company who will help you get out of your lock-in contract. By saving  our owners from 89 collective years of contracts with their previous company, we can genuinely say that we’re supporting owners appoint better owners corporation managers.

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100% Month-To-Month Contracts

Most other body corporate companies lock you in for 1, 2 or even 3 years! Our contracts are only month-to-month. We want you to have the peace of mind that we’re continuously working to demonstrate our value to you as owners.

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20% Smaller Portfolios Per Manager

You’re not just another number in our portfolio. With our managers having a 20% smaller portfolio than the industry average, we have the time to genuinely understand your concerns, frustrations and suggest practical solutions.

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We Know Your Townhouse Estate

Having conducted over 136 site inspections in 2023 across 55 suburbs, we know your property inside out. When you call us to raise an issue on or have a question about common property, we know exactly the area you’re talking about.

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We Empower Owners

We firmly believe that our role is to provide you with all the information necessary to make the best decision possible. We bring the expertise, the experience and knowledge of the legislation but ultimately allow you to make the decision. It’s your money, and your choice.

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Managers Who Care & Are Actually On Your Side

We know what comes to mind when you hear ‘body corporate manager’. We’ve seen the online reviews of other companies, we’ve heard your frustrations.

We’re not like other body corporate managers.

In order to be different from other body corporate managers we need to treat our clients differently, we need to do things differently. We need to be different.

what makes us different

Melbourne body corporate specialists since 2018

The Obvious 1st Choice For Your Townhouse Strata Management

With 21+ combined years of extensive expertise in owners corporation management and real estate, the Resi team is committed to providing a professional and friendly service to our clients. Our vision is to be known as the #1 choice to manage the body corporate at your townhouse estate.

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Google Reviews

With over 49+ 5-star Google reviews from satisfied clients, we know that we're doing something right when it comes to giving a great service to our clients.
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Years Saved In Contracts

We are the only company to proactively help owners get out of lock-in contracts, and it's certainly made us experts in changing body corporate managers.
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Owners Appointing Resi

We've helped so many owners change body corporate managers we know how to make the changing process as easy as possible for owners.
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Arrears Recovered In Just The First 12 Months

We don't think it's unfair for owners who do the right thing and pay by the due date. By proactively recovering arrears quickly, we help improve the body corporate's cashflow.

I couldn't be happier with Resi! Alex and Kiana are the utmost professionals with great knowledge and support. Highly recommend them.


If you are looking for a team that actually listens to every owner, communicates effectively, is cost effective and works with owners then I HIGHLY recommend the Resi team.


Since switching to Resi over 2 years ago, it’s been a complete peace of mind knowing that our property is being managed properly, issues are being followed up and resolved.


Body corporate townhouse estate with gardens and trees on common property