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body corporate management services for townhouses

With Over 23+ Years Of Experience, Appoint A Supportive & Proactive Strata Manager

Your body corporate manager has completed specialised training on not just the Owners Corporations Act, but also how to provide you with the most professional and friendly service.

With a 20% smaller portfolio than the industry average, our managers are able to proactively manage your owners corporation. We don’t want to be putting out fires or neglect addressing any maintenance concerns, we tackle all matters head on to avoid the issues escalating further (and costing more money in the long run!)

We don’t believe that one solution fits all. We take the time to listen to you, and tailor our advice and recommendations based on what is happening at your townhouse estate.

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what does a body corporate manager do?

How We Make It Easy For Owners Living In A Strata Property Without The Hassles

Embodying the Resi values, we want to change the way people think about body corporate managers and the strata industry.

One way is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what a body corporate manager is responsible for, and the ways we can support and assist owners.

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Financial Management

We don’t subscribe to the one size fits all approach, each property has different needs and requirements. We are very specific and detail-oriented when reviewing the expenses and proposing new budgets.

We also understand the impact that arrears have on the other owners. We have a multi-tiered strategy, from payment reminders to legal options to recover the arrears (without incurring additional costs for the other owners).

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Preventative maintenance is important to help avoid additional call out fees for emergencies and after-hours repairs. We encourage our owners to engage the right contractors to service and maintain the common property.

We will also conduct bi-annual site inspections to keep an eye on any visible concerns. We then prepare and circulate a report to the committee with our suggestions and recommendations.

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Annual General Meetings

Meetings are often a great opportunity to discuss with other owners any questions or concerns you may have. Our meetings usually start at 5:30PM (at no additional cost!) and don’t have a ‘limit’ on the duration of the meeting.

By providing multiple ways to join, and by ensuring that we are ready for any type of questions that may arise, we want to make it more easier for owners to join and participate in these meetings.

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Insurance & Insurance Claims

We always provide multiple quotations from all the specialised strata insurers to ensure we have the most competitive premiums every year.

We understand that when you need to lodge an insurance claim you may need our help the most. We’re very proactive in ensuring that any insurance claims are processed quickly.

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Disputes & Complaints

Sometimes a new strata manager can approach long-standing issues with a fresh set of eyes. Because we don’t have the ‘baggage’ from the previous manager, we can view the issue from an objective standpoint.

Our role is to provide advice based on our expertise and experience. More importantly however, we want to present practical solutions that can get to the heart of the matter and actually provide outcomes to satisfy owners.

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When it comes to compliance, we don’t want you wasting your time trying to understand legal jargon. We take the stress out of keeping your body corporate compliant and operating efficiently, so you can get on with enjoying your property.

We also make sure that all the contractors engaged to maintain your common areas are licensed, have the proper insurance, and are capable of performing their work.

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I have had the greatest pleasure in dealing with Resi. If there are any issues, questions or concerns, nothing is ever too hard for them.

Anushan, Springvale

Shout out to the Resi team. Their customer service is second to none: professional, great communication and always happy to help. Highly recommend you make the switch to Resi for your property


Fantastic managers. Steph made the entire changing process really smooth. They are proactive in ensuring that our property is well maintained.

Wesley, Bundoora

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