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Gate of townhouse body corporate being serviced regularly

Proactive service & maintenance of common property

Implementing Preventative Maintenance Solutions To Save Owners Money Long-Term

The entrance gate in front of this estate had not been fixed by the previous manager for over three years, despite multiple complaints from owners and residents. The gates were just left open and the manager ignored requests to have it repaired. In the first bi-annual site inspection, this was picked up by our body corporate manager as an urgent repair.

Not only did Resi arrange for a reputable contractor to repair the gate, we also arranged for regular six-monthly service to maintain the gates to reduce the likelihood of the gate breaking down again. This has saved owners approximately $900 a year on emergency repairs, which was significantly higher than the costs to regularly service the gate.

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Townhouse body corporate with well-maintained common garden areas

Maintenance & upkeep of common garden areas

Appointing New Contractors To Maintain Beautiful Gardens & Landscaping

In our experience, the common garden areas at a property are one of the first things noticed by visitors, and their upkeep (or lack thereof) can have a significant impact on an owner’s ability to sell their townhouse or find good tenants. The gardens in this estate, unfortunately, were neglected but the owners corporation continued to receive invoices for services they never received.

We know that the contractors appointed to maintain the common areas are a reflection on Resi Body Corporate and our service we provide to our owners, even though they’re not formally a part of Resi. We have a panel of trusted tradespeople that we can approach to provide quotes to committees, and we arranged for a better gardener to service the gardens at this property.


Kiana is our body corporate manager and she is an absolute gem!! Her communication is very good - succinct, accurate, polite and friendly. Wish we had discovered her years ago! Couldn't recommend her and Resi more highly.


Body corporate townhouse estate with gardens and trees on common property