Case Study:

Keysborough Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

Installation of bollards

Resi Body Corporate organised for bollards to be installed around the driveway to prevent cars from hitting the gas and water meters.This had the additional benefit of preventing cars from parking and damaging the garden beds, which would have looked unsightly and cost more money for the gardener to replace.

Lodging insurance claim

Following damage to the electrical meter panels by vandals, we arranged the repairs and lodged an insurance claim. As we have good relationships with insurance brokers and insurers, this claim was paid and finalized within 7 days.

New gardener

The common garden areas were neglected when Resi Body Corporate was appointed as the new manager. We arranged for quotes from alternative caretakers, some who we trusted based on feedback from other similar properties.

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Why did the owners change strata managers?

Body corporate management not a priority

The manager was a real estate company that didn’t specialise in managing body corporates. There was also no full-time staff member who was responsible for managing the owners corporation. Because the staff were also managing their real estate portfolio, owners had to constantly follow up the manager for resolving any issues or answering questions.

Manager originally appointed by the developer

The manager was originally appointed by the developer of the estate, and signed a ten-year contract that owners were locked into. Owners never had the opportunity to have their say on who the manager was.