Case Study:

West Footscray Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

NBN installation

The Chairperson and Committee were frustrated with the previous manager for failing to act to assist the installation of NBN at the property, which was overlooked by the developer. The only way work would progress was for the Chairperson to become involved and complete the follow-ups themselves.

At Resi Body Corporate, we acknowledge the owners have engaged a strata manager to facilitate repairs and works at the property, and we don’t think it’s right for any individual owners to be doing work that should be conducted by a manager. Once we were appointed, we stepped in straight away to proactively communicate with NBN and the owners to get the NBN successfully installed.

Identification of building defects

Once Resi Body Corporate is appointed as the manager, one of our first tasks is to conduct a site inspection so our managers become familiar with the property and know the locations of buildings, bins, car spots, meters etc.

Our managers will also review any building plans received from the previous manager, and after comparing the building plans to the site inspection the strata manager noticed that a bin corral was never constructed. The manager raised this with owners to discuss the options to rectify the defect.

west footscray townhouses

Why did the owners change strata managers?

Poor customer service

Owners were frustrated with the strata manager who was not responsive and very difficult to get a hold of. The manager never answered any calls or replied to any emails. Owners felt like they were just ignored by the manager and it appeared as though the company simply didn’t care about the owners.

This continued for so long that the Chairperson had to take everything into their own hands for work to progress.

Poor financial management

At annual general meetings the manager will present financial statements to owners, and the manager should be able to explain them to owners as well.

It became clear that the manager wasn’t able to understand financial statements, as there were expenses and line items that they weren’t able to explain to owners. This meant that the owners weren’t able to trust the manager to handle the finances and bank accounts of owners.