Case Study:

Bentleigh Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

Financial review saved owners $3,500

Because no owners attended the previous annual general meetings, there was no opportunity for owners to scrutinize and review the financial information and statements of the body corporate. The Resi manager quickly noticed significant fees were paid for the common water bills, which was odd given there were no common water taps.

After some investigation by a plumber, it was discovered that the water meter for one of the units was faulty. The faulty water meter resulted in the owners corporation paying for the water usage for one townhouse.

Resi Body Corporate negotiated a refund from South East water of over $3,500.

Appointment of Committee

Owners were now able to attend AGMs held at the Resi offices less than half an hour from the property, and a Committee was appointed for the first time since the development was built a few years ago.

Having a Committee in place meant that there was a group of owners who were able to make decisions on improvements or repairs on behalf of the owners corporation.

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Why did the owners change strata managers?

Constant change in managers

There was a very high turnover of staff at the owners corporation management company, and this meant that every 6 months owners were assigned a new body corporate manager. This meant that there was no continuity in the service provided by the manager, and owners had to repeatedly explain the ongoing issues to the new manager.

Annual general meetings held far from property

The location for the yearly meetings wasn’t easy to get to nor was it close to Bentleigh. As a result, no owners attended the annual meetings and had the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggest improvements around the property.

Owners felt like they were just ignored by the manager and it appeared as though the company simply didn’t care about the owners.