Case Study:

Springvale Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

Audit of contractors appointed

As part of the onboarding procedure, Resi Body Corporate conduct a review of all contractors and expenses. The Resi manager discovered that the owners corporation was paying for a gardener to attend weekly. A landscape architect was also engaged to prepare a monthly report on what the garden areas should be cleaned or maintained. The Committee members weren’t aware that this monthly report was costing owners over $10,000 a year!

After consultation with the Committee, the monthly landscape report was deemed unnecessary and a new gardener was appointed after Resi Body Corporate obtained multiple quotations. The new gardener provides regular reports and has open communication with the manager to ensure that any required repairs or maintenance throughout the property are addressed.

Street lighting upgrade

To improve security at the estate, the Committee was considering quotes for CCTV and security patrols. Both options proved to be very costly for owners.

As an alternative, Resi Body Corporate arranged for the street lighting to be upgraded. Improved lighting at the property will assist with deterring vandalism and break-ins.

Decrease of insurance excess

The Resi manager negotiated a decrease of the water damage excess from $10,000 to $5,000 that was imposed 2 years ago due to one large insurance claim. The successful negotiation meant that the excess decreased without any corresponding increase in the insurance premium.

Springvale townhouse

Why did the owners change strata managers?

No meetings with the manager

The owners corporation manager failed to organise an annual general meeting for almost 4 years. This meant that there was no opportunity to review the financial records and no opportunity to either increase the fees in line with any maintenance or improvements or decrease the fees and provide savings for owners.

It also meant that there was no opportunity to grow the relationship between the manager and the owners, as it is important for owners to develop trust in the owners corporation manager.