Case Study:

South Morang Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

Change in fee frequency

Owners were paying their body corporate fees 12 months in advance and the manager did not provide the option to increase the frequency of the payments. Further, the fees were raised prior to the budget being agreed upon at the annual general meeting. This meant that after the budget was approved at the meeting there was either an additional amount that owners had to pay or a refund applied to each owner.

Resi was more than happy to offer owners the option to pay the levies half-yearly to make it more convenient for owners.

Common lights repair

At Resi, we believe that the manager needs to be familiar with the properties they manage. It is important for the manager to be able to explain to contractors or new residents the location of particular items on common property (such as meter panels), and proactively bring any issues to the attention of the Committee.

After a routine site inspection, our manager discovered several light bollards were damaged and required repairs. Our manager quickly raised the matter with the Committee to obtain quotes to repair the damaged bollards.

Why did the owners change strata managers?

Manager originally appointed by the developer

The manager was originally appointed by the developer of the estate. This meant that the owners never had the opportunity to have their say on who the manager was. There was also a perception that the manager wasn’t accountable to the owners as the multi-year contract of appointment was signed by the developer.