Case Study:

Noble Park Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

Insurance claim resolved

Often if there are problems that have been sitting unresolved for months it can take a fresh set of eyes who can bring a new perspective into resolving the issue. The newcomer can also view the problem objectively to get it resolved sooner.

An owner had a long-standing insurance claim that had been unresolved for over 12 months, and the previous manager was unwilling to assist. The Resi manager quickly identified the easiest way to resolve the claim was to speak to the insurance broker, insurer and tradesperson. By calling the parties involved in the claim, the manager was able to get the full picture of the problem and resolve the claim within the first month after being appointed.

Stormwater drains

The clearing of stormwater drains can seem to be a minor task. They are, however, important to ensure there are no blockages and to prevent any flooding into any of the units at the estate.

On a site inspection, we noticed that there was a significant buildup of leaves, rubbish and weeds in the stormwater drains and the unit at the bottom of the driveway was always getting flooded during heavy rains. The Resi manager obtained multiple quotations for the stormwater drains to be cleared in order to prevent blockages. It turned out that the builder had left rubble and other debris inside the stormwater drain which had remained there for over 8 years.

Why did the owners change strata managers?

Constant change in managers

There was a very high turnover of staff at the owners corporation management company, and this meant that every 6 months owners were assigned a new body corporate manager. This meant that there was no continuity in the service provided by the manager, and owners had to repeatedly explain the ongoing issues to the new manager.

Poor customer service

Owners were frustrated with the strata manager who was not responsive and very difficult to get a hold of. The manager never answered any calls or replied to any emails. Owners felt like they were just ignored by the manager and it appeared as though the company simply didn’t care about providing a good service.