Case Study:

Dandenong Townhouses

What did Resi Body Corporate change in the first 6 months?

Emergency help line for urgent after-hours repairs

Resi Body Corporate has a 24 hour emergency hotline for any urgent repairs that occur after business hours. Owners used the hotline when a vehicle drove into the concrete fence and damaged the water meters for all the units.

Resi coordinated the repairs with the emergency contractor and South East Water to ensure the water service was returned to owners before the day ended.

Bin cleaning

The Resi manager negotiated with the private waste company for the bins to be cleaned regularly. With the bins being cleaned, residents were more willing to store their bins in their garage and not on common property.

New gardener

The common garden areas were neglected when Resi Body Corporate was appointed as the new manager. We arranged for quotes from alternative caretakers, some who we trusted based on feedback from other similar properties.

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Why did the owners change strata managers?

Poor customer service

Owners were frustrated with the strata manager who was not responsive and very difficult to get a hold of. The manager never answered any calls or replied to any emails. Owners felt like they were just ignored by the manager and it appeared as though the company simply didn’t care about the owners.

Manager originally appointed by the developer

The manager was originally appointed by the developer of the estate. This meant that the owners never had the opportunity to have their say on who the manager was. There was also a perception that the manager wasn’t accountable to the owners as the multi-year contract of appointment was signed by the developer.