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When To Tell Your Body Corporate Manager “You’re Fired”


Changing your manager may not be as hard as you think but how do you know when it is time to start looking for a replacement? There are a number of common red flags to look out for so if they’re ringing true to you, I can tell you that other owners are thinking exactly the same thing and it’s time to start looking at some alternatives.


Lack Of Communication

If you can’t get a hold of your strata manager because they don’t respond to your emails or calls within 24 hours, that’s a big red flag. Your manager should be readily available when you need them and they should keep you informed of any major decision that need to be taken.


Can’t Keep Up With New Managers

If you’ve had more managers than Australian Prime Ministers in the last few years then it’s time to move. This is a sign that your management company is either overworking the managers they hire by giving them too many properties to look after or the manager is too inexperienced with the workload they already have.


Lack Of Knowledge Of Your Property

If your manager has never been to the property and they are very slow to action owner requests then it’s time to let them go. A manager should be interested in understanding the issues that need to be addressed at the property and their job is to assist owners with finding solutions. If they don’t show an interest or seem to have no clue about the property then it’s time to terminate them.


The Bottom Line

A bad body corporate manager can be very costly for all owners so don’t settle for anyone that can’t get the basics right. When you hire a body corporate manager, you should expect to deal with someone that is responsive and knowledgeable. So when something doesn’t work or you have any doubts whatsoever, you can do something about it. Good body corporate managers exist, it’s worth the extra effort to find one.